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The Madness continues into November. The website is under heavy construction.

Did I say say that? I hate it when sites announce that they're under construction. All sites should be forever under construction! Forgive me.

What I meant to say is that "madhouse2K" cometh soon. We're talking plug-ins here. If you ain't got flash, you'll still be looking at this soon-to-be archived site, though we're gonna be updating the old design as well. But a new era of web wonking is very much upon us. And it's been a while since the cobbler's shoes have been shined. So we're gonna slip our dogs into a whole new pair.

Meanwhile, we're cobbling away at some pretty kool feet indeed. Elizabeth Arden and STP Oil have new web sites launching soon, and we'll be taking credit for both. Check out our updated web design portfolio pages for sneak previews. Obviously, we can't show the sites before they've launched. Elizabeth Arden is getting some very heavy back-end programming and will launch in 2000. And STP's site is getting some details ironed out by it's back-end forces as well. We can show you some screens now however, and we're extremely excited. Aren't you?

We're also working on a multimedia tour de force for Fermata Studios. This will be a slick new address for custom music and sound design serving television, film and e-commerce strategists. We're talking 3D, animation, MP3, Real Networks Audio, Shockwave, et al. It's gonna be cutting edge stuff, and a precursor to madhouse2k. Please look for it soon at www.fermatastudios.com.

Thanks for checking in, and for all the wonderful compliments on our site and our work. Your kind words are greatly appreciated.








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Aspen Publishers, Inc.
Avery Publishing
Avon Books
Burpee Seed Company
Cardinal Press
Chapman & Hall Publishing
Dentifax International
Ernst & Young
Food and Wine
Macmillan General Reference
Mauri Associates
William Morrow Publishing
Simon & Shuster
WEOK Broadcasting, Poughkeepsie, NY
WPYX Broadcasting, Albany, NY
Weight Watchers International

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complete book packaging
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